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What Is the Best Procedure for Hollowed Cheeks?

Round, plump cheeks are often considered to be one of the most desirable facial features. This is because they symbolize health and youth. During your teenage and young adult years, your cheek fullness is maintained by your body’s high levels of collagen. Collagen is the protein responsible for providing the skin with elasticity, strength, and […]

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How Can I Choose the Best Facelift for Me?

Many individuals are interested in facelift surgery to address aging across the mid and lower regions of the face. While traditional facelift techniques restore youthfulness, they are not without downsides. This prompted Dr. Calabria to develop a series of alternative facelift techniques that are tailored to match your concerns and eliminate your fears. If You […]

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How Can an Adjustable Facelift Ensure Lasting Results?

For all of the benefits offered by facelift surgery, there is one negative in the eyes of many patients: the results are not permanent. While long-lasting, no surgical results will endure forever, since no procedure can stop the natural progression of aging or further sun damage. Eventually, even with facelift surgery, you can expect lines, […]

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What’s the Best Age for a Facelift?

Have you looked in the mirror recently and been dissatisfied with what you see? “When did those wrinkles develop? Didn’t my jawline used to be more pronounced?” The aging process, while slow, can take us all by surprise, and for most people, the prevailing feeling is, “I am too young to look this old.” The […]

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Fillers vs. Facelift: Which Do You Need?

The debate between surgical and non-surgical facial cosmetic procedures has never been stronger than it is today, as both options have shown to produce equally positive and rewarding results. Injectable fillers and facelift surgery can both remedy aesthetic insecurities about one’s appearance, but these procedures address facial aging in different ways. Facelift surgery is invasive […]

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Benefits of a Facial-Specialized Plastic Surgeon

When deciding to undergo facial surgery, you expect specific results, usually consisting of a natural appearance, a reduction of fine lines, and an emphasis on your best facial features. Many plastic surgeons are content performing a variety of procedures, which means that they do not take the additional time to specialize in a single area. […]

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