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Tension-Free Facelift in Palm Springs, CA

If you are considering facelift surgery, then you may be concerned with the visibility of resulting scars. Men and women with receding hairlines or thinning hair may be worried that they won’t have adequate coverage of the incisions. To address the unique concerns of these patients, Dr. Calabria has developed the tension-free facelift. This surgical technique is specially designed to eliminate tension placed on the healing incisions so as to minimize visible scarring while still providing significant anti-aging results.

What Are the Benefits of the Tension-Free Facelift?

  • Limited visible scarring
  • A natural color transition at the incision
  • Attractive facelift results
  • Long-lasting results

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Am I a Candidate for a Tension-Free Facelift?

You may consider the tension-free facelift if you identify with one or more of the following:

  • Aging around the cheeks, mouth, and jawline
  • Sagging skin at the neck and jaw
  • A thinning or receding hairline


How Is a Tension-Free Facelift Performed?

The tension-free facelift begins with a specially placed incision on the ear at the edge of the tragal cartilage. This placement helps ensure a more natural color transition and results in a less visible scar. Next, Dr. Calabria creates suspender flaps from facial tissues, which are then anchored to the temporal areas. This structure shifts the tension from the incisions to the anchors, which reduces scarring during the recovery process.

The final step to minimizing scarring with a tension-free facelift is the suturing process. Dr. Calabria uses half-buried sutures to avoid creating stitch marks. This technique doesn’t leave a clearly visible appearance, no matter how long the incision is.

How Long Is My Tension-Free Facelift Recovery?

Experiencing bruising and swelling is standard following facelift surgery. You should rest for several days with your head elevated to minimize excess swelling. You should be able to return to work and most of your daily activities after two to three weeks, though you will still need to avoid strenuous physical activities for up to four weeks. You should be fully healed after six weeks.

When Will I See My Tension-Free Facelift Results?

The tension-free facelift provides significant improvement to aging facial features. The characteristics of this facelift should result in minimal visible scarring or discoloration. While the tension-free facelift reverses aging, it cannot prevent future aging from occurring. However, the aging process will be slower and less dramatic in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Tension-Free Facelift?

Is a tension-free facelift done on an inpatient or outpatient basis?
A tension-free facelift is performed on an outpatient basis for most patients. You will be able to leave the facility and recover in the comfort of your own home within hours of your surgery.

At what age should I consider a tension-free facelift?
You may be a good candidate for a tension-free facelift if you have started to notice sagging skin at the jaw and neck, as well as significant signs of aging. Most patients who book a tension-free facelift are in their 40s or 60s, but a facelift can be done at an earlier or later age as well.

Will a facelift help fix signs of aging around my eyes and forehead?
No, a facelift doesn’t impact the top third of your face. Many people who get a facelift also get a brow lift or eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). This combination reduces signs of aging in all areas of your face. During your tension-free facelift consultation, ask Dr. Calabria if you should consider a brow lift or eyelid surgery as well.

How long does a tension-free facelift take to perform?
Typically, the tension-free facelift can take around two hours to perform. The actual time will vary from patient to patient.

Are some people not suited for a tension-free facelift?
Unfortunately, yes. As is the case with all cosmetic procedures, you need to be in generally good health to be approved for surgery. Your doctor will review your current health condition, as well as medical records, to determine if you are healthy enough to proceed. Additionally, you need to have realistic expectations for the procedure and be a non-smoker (or willing to stop smoking before and after the surgery).

Lastly, a facelift does require that you have some facial laxity for the procedure to work. Your doctor will examine your skin during the consultation.

When it comes to the tension-free facelift, if your hair has receded incredibly far back, this technique may not cover scars. You need to still have some hair around your ears.

Is it beneficial to get a facelift at a younger age?
Yes, it has been proven that having a facelift earlier on can extend the procedure’s benefits and significantly reduce signs of aging. Still, having a facelift at an older age will also have impressive outcomes.

How much younger will a tension-free facelift make me look?
A facelift is an excellent procedure, but it’s not a time travel machine. Most patients are delighted with their results and report feeling like they look at least 10 years younger! However, these results can vary significantly from patient to patient.

Will a tension-free facelift give me permanent results?
A facelift should offer long-last results. However, a facelift can’t stop the aging process. Some patients come back for a “redo” facelift years later.

To learn more about the tension-free facelift or to schedule your facial rejuvenation consultation with Dr. Calabria, please call the Rancho Mirage location at (760) 836-0077.