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Vertical Facelift

vertical facelift palm springThe traditional facelift surgery technique removes facial fat and pulls the excess skin in a lateral direction. However, this approach can lead to an unnatural or “windswept” appearance found in many facelift patients.

Dr. Calabria avoids this undesirable result by using a vertical facelift technique instead. The vertical facelift approach is a newer and less invasive technique for facial rejuvenation. Performed using only two inconspicuous incisions and strategically placed sutures, recovery is smoother and quicker, and the results look more youthfully natural.

  • Avoiding a Windswept Look

    The windswept appearance that can result from traditional facelift techniques is a difficult problem to solve. Dr. Calabria’s vertical facelift accomplishes this by repositioning the cheeks, fat, muscles, and deep tissues in a more vertical vector. Dr. Calabria studies images of the patient from their 20s and then reverts the anatomy to its original shape to recreate a more youthful appearance.

  • Correcting Hollowed Eyes

    Dr. Calabria can correct hollowed eyes from a previous facelift by repositioning the orbicularis muscle and using micro fat grafting to produce a fuller lower eyelid. He will routinely perform a canthopexy to reposition the lower eyelids and correct so-called “scleral show.”

  • Reversing Flattened Cheeks

    Dr. Calabria frequently uses micro fat grafting to volumize the cheeks as a part of facelift surgery. A crucial part of correcting flattened cheeks is redirecting to a vertical tissue pull and producing necessary cheek volume with fat grafting.

The vertical facelift addresses all the problems of traditional facelift surgery and corrects them with revolutionary new techniques. Using these solutions, Dr. Calabria can achieve facial balance and a naturally youthful appearance.

To learn more about the vertical facelift and other facelift techniques developed by Dr. Calabria, please call (760) 836-0077 or contact us online to schedule your personal consultation.