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Stem Cell Enhanced Facelift in Palm Springs

What is a Stem Cell Enhanced Facelift?

A stem cell enhanced facelift is a procedure that combines harvested fat from the patient’s body with their own regenerative cells. This innovative technique utilizes stem cells to enhance facial rejuvenation and achieve transformative results.


Decades of research, study, and experimentation have gone into searching for the ideal way to create a more youthful facial appearance. Improvements in surgical techniques and laser technology have begun to produce results that previously seemed unattainable. However, comparing postoperative results to actual pictures of patients in their younger years showed that something was always missing: the younger face had more volume and fresher-looking skin.

Dr. Calabria has always thought that plastic surgery could benefit from the advent of stem cell research. The idea of using stem cells to jumpstart the body’s regenerative process for aesthetic reasons became a highly attractive proposition in his eyes.

The fat in our bodies contains adult stem cells and regenerative cells. Dr. Calabria has taken advantage of this using fat grafting (which contains adult stem cells) to rejuvenate the skin and add volume to the face. However, it wasn’t until the development of the Celution® System that Dr. Calabria was able to take facial rejuvenation to the next level and yield truly amazing results. Dr. Calabria calls this groundbreaking new treatment the “stem cell enhanced facelift,” and it can create a more naturally youthful look through volumizing the face.

Dr. Renato Calabria believes that traditional facelift techniques are outdated because they pull the skin tightly in the wrong direction, creating a “windswept” or “wind tunnel” look. By developing the vertical facelift, Dr. Calabria was able to create more natural-looking and youthful results by moving the patient’s facial tissues in a vertical direction and repositioning them to their original and natural form. Now, with the stem cell enhanced facelift, Dr. Calabria can restore facial volume and even more effectively rejuvenate the face, which has always been his primary goal.

The stem cell enhanced facelift restores facial volume using stem cells as well as regenerative cells, which are believed to benefit the rejuvenation process for a more youthful appearance.

The Stem Cell Enhanced Facelift Procedure

The stem cell enhanced facelift takes fat that is harvested from one part of the body and combines it with stem cells and regenerative cells derived from the patient’s own adipose (fat) tissue. The fat cells are first harvested with liposuction, usually from the lower abdomen. This fat is rich with regenerative cells, including adult stem cells, growth factor secreting cells, and blood vessel producing cells. Once harvested, the fat is treated through the Celution® System to isolate these cells.

Celution® System Technology

To start, the fat that was harvested from the patient is placed in the Celution® system. This device uses an easily attached, single-use, application-specific consumable set to process each patient’s tissue. During the process, the device frees the stem cells and regenerative cells from the adipose matrix so that they can then be separated, cleansed, and concentrated. All of this is completed in real time within the time frame of a single surgery. The processing of the cells occurs in a closed environment, which minimizes the risk of contamination during the collection process.

The cells that are to be transferred to the patient’s face are then collected into a syringe. These cells may be injected directly or implanted with a scaffold or delivery matrix. The latter technique is sometimes used to improve performance; for instance, the cells may be combined with an adipose tissue graft in reconstructive surgery.

During the facelift procedure, the regenerative cells embedded in the fat are gently placed into the SMAS, under the facial musculature, and in other layers of facial tissues using a blunt cannula. The intent is to place the regenerative tissue in precise locations to enhance areas of the face that are depleted in volume. Symmetry is then checked, the skin is re-draped, and excess skin is excised. The tissues are anchored vertically and closed in layers.

Once the stem cells and regenerative cells are re-infused into the body, it is believed that cues from damaged surrounding tissues guide them to damaged areas to facilitate a healing response. These stem and regenerative cells may respond using a variety of mechanisms, by promoting graft retention, tissue survival, and/or differentiation of progenitor cells according to appropriate cell type.

After the Stem Cell Enhanced Facelift

After this procedure, patients show dramatic improvements in skin quality as well as in soft tissue facial contours. The growth factors in these cells initiate signals for the skin cells, local stem cells, and transplanted adult stem cells to restore and multiply themselves.

These regenerative cells that were carefully injected into the layers of the face secrete growth hormone and other factors that can diminish the aging process and create a more youthful appearance. The stem cell enhanced facelift restores youthful contours, improves skin tightness, and evens out irregularities in color caused by sun damage or aging.

While other techniques simply inject stem cells directly into the face without any facelift surgery, Dr. Calabria feels that these approaches are not nearly as effective in volumizing the face as compared to the stem cell enhanced facelift. They also do nothing to address skin laxity, which often occurs simultaneously with facial volume loss. Furthermore, these cells are not isolated through the Celution® System, which Dr. Calabria considers an essential part of producing the most desirable results.

The new stem cell enhanced facelift with the Celution® System is the new frontier of facial rejuvenation. With it, Dr. Calabria is writing a new chapter and making a notable mark on the history of plastic surgery.

The Celution® System has been available for clinical use in Europe and is offered at Dr. Calabria’s locations in Rome and Milan. Dr. Calabria is pleased to announce that this technology is now newly available in the U.S. To request your personal consultation, please call (760) 836-0077 or contact us online today.

Stem Cell Enhanced Facelift Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a stem cell enhanced facelift cost?

The cost of a stem cell enhanced facelift varies between patients and depends on the location, amount of correction needed, surgeon and facility fees, and any procedures being performed in combination with your stem cell enhanced facelift. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Calabria to determine the cost of your facelift based on your specific needs

When will I see the results of my stem cell enhanced facelift?

Many patients see results of their stem cell enhanced facelift within a few weeks. The beauty of the stem cell enhanced facelift is that results will continue to improve over time as new cells and collagen continue to produce.

Does the adipose tissue have to come from my abdomen?

Adipose tissue is typically extracted from the patient’s abdomen. However, it may be taken from other areas of the body, such as the thighs, if necessary. Your surgeon will determine which area is best for adipose tissue extraction.

What are stem cells?

The advancement of stem cells has revolutionized modern medicine, including plastic surgery techniques. Stem cells are a special type of cell that can take the shape and function of other cells in the body. These powerful cells can also produce new cells at a faster rate.

What type of anesthesia will be used during a stem cell enhanced facelift?

The type of anesthesia used during the procedure (general, local, or IV sedation) will depend on the extent of your facelift. If you are only receiving stem cell injections, a local anesthetic may be used. If you combine a stem cell enhanced facelift with a vertical facelift, you may be put under general anesthesia or IV sedation. If you are put under general anesthesia or IV sedation, you will need to bring a responsible adult with you to your appointment to drive you home and assist in your recovery.